Fort Bliss

Project Location

Fort Bliss & McGregor Range, TX

Completion Date

Ongoing (99% Complete)

Contract Number


Dollar Value


Project Description

Synergy Project Consultants, Inc. has provided all work required to complete various projects at Ft. Bliss and McGregor Range. The scope of work covered 13 different buildings each requiring specific designs, upgrades, repairs and/or renovations.The challenge of this project was that each specific building had a different mission and Synergy had to perform the project(s) without disrupting the flow of operations at each site.

Various projects required the repair and upgrade of electrical, fire protection and fire detection systems. Other sites called for new construction and renovations of administrative areas and barrack suites. A complete irrigation system repair was also performed at Ft. Bliss Biggs Park. Synergy provided design services to include fire protection/detection and electrical planning and coordination, coordination of design with post authorities, complete development of plans and specifications, and assurance of adherence to regulatory standards and guidelines. Construction services from Synergy included and include turnkey solutions, project management services, coordination of all construction divisions, coordinating scheduling, performing phasing, risk management, communication, management, and documentation, and project execution to properly monitor project(s).

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