IT Security Systems Services

  • Design, Installation & Repair of Network Cabling
  • Optical Fiber Cable Backbone Design & Installation
  • Network Room Construction
  • Staff Administration
  • Tech Support & Management

Physical Security Support Services

  • Intrusion Detection & Life Safety Systems
  • Design, Installation & Repair of Physical Security Systems
  • Closed Circuit Video Surveillance Systems
  • Access Control Systems

Sample IT Project (U.S. Marshals)


Synergy provided all labor, materials, equipment and supervision necessary to enhance the existing gate arms and hydraulic bollards at the U.S. Marshals Courthouse in El Paso, TX.

Synergy programmed the existing system to fail safe instead of fail secure when the electrical power went out or system reset. If power goes out or the program fails, the bollards will be in the down position and the gate arm in the up position. This will allow vehicles to still enter the area before the second secure gate.

Synergy installed new tower sensors to the hydraulic bollards. The sensors were placed within the same areas as the gate arms sensors. Synergy also provided a communication module and HMI screen to collect 30 days of history data of all controls operations.

Our team also successfully modified the PLC program and interfaced all of the security equipment systems.

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