Fort Bliss

Project Location

Fort Bliss, TX

Completion Date

October 26th, 2012

Contract Number


Dollar Value


Project Description

Synergy Project Consultants, Inc. (Synergy) provided all labor, materials, equipment and supervision necessary to perform all work required to replace existing building telecommunications cabling rated CAT5 and below with CAT6 in Buildings 49, 128, 919C, 2954, 6077, 7115, 7776, and 1156. Synergy worked as a subcontractor to John J. Kirlin Special Projects, LLC, completing all the major trades associated with this project under the purview of their management team.

All work was done in strict compliance with 13A and Local, Federal and Information Management Division (IMD) Standards that are applicable for replacement of Category 5 data drops with Category 6 data drops. In keeping with the standards of William Beaumont Army Medical Center, Synergy made sure that all materials and components provided were from approved manufacturers (CCT CAT6 CMP cable, Molex components and Leviton Extreme 6 Quick-port Patch Panels). Synergy identified all CAT5 drop locations, access pathways and planned the installation of new cables. To minimize downtime, new cables were installed and terminated before the demo of old cable was started. Synergy also ensured that the communication racks were grounded to the Telecommunications Ground Busbar (TMGB) in the communications rooms in buildings 49, 128, 919C, 2954, 6077, 7115, 7776, and 1156.

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